About Us

Insane Gene® promises its customers the most value without forfeiting any of the quality. By compressing the distribution process, our company prides itself in taking out all miscellaneous costs in order to bring a top grade pair of jeans without the exorbitant price tag.


How It Started

After working in the manufacturing industry for many years, the owner of Insane Gene witnessed the hardships child laborers faced and wanted to make a lasting difference. She started Insane Gene® with the vision of giving back to children living in unfortunate circumstances. By donating a portion of its profits, Insane Gene® presents customers the opportunity to improve the quality of life for many of these children. Her dream led her to build a brand that uses fashion to shape meaningful opportunities around the world.


As a single, working mom, our CEO understands how difficult maintaining self-care can be. She also understands how a simple, great-fitting pair of jeans can change your whole mood. She brings her passion for denim and expertise gathered from working in the denim industry for over a decade at companies like J Brand. Insane Gene emphasizes the need for comfort while still keeping an effortless and classic look for any busy woman. Whether it be running errands or dropping your kids off at school, we want you to look good. Our brand commits itself to delivering both style and convenience—no compromises.


Insane Gene® hopes to inspire an amplifying effect for future brands and endeavors by encouraging people to be more aware of where and how their clothes are produced. Our brand believes in giving fair wages over taking away livelihoods and treating workers with warmth and respect. Proceeds given to charities will aid in improving the quality of life for many young children all over the world.